What are the benefits of myVLM loyalty program?

“myVLM” is the brand-new loyalty program from Voici La Mode Group that combines international Fashion Brands and café/restaurant chain under one common scheme.

Being a member of myVLM loyalty program, allows you to make purchases, collect and redeem points at all 4 brands of the Group – Marks & Spencer Nicosia, Celio, Accessorize and Café la Mode.

Additionally, you will be able to collect extra points from occasional promotional actions from the scheme, once you have given your consent to receive communication from myVLM.

How can I become a member?

You can easily register in the myVLM scheme and get your digital card, completely free of charge, in one of the three following ways :

  1. At all Voici La Mode Group stores, through special registration devices (tablets).
  2. On the microsite at, in the Registration / Login section.
  3. On the mobile app “myVLM” for Android and iOs, in the Registration / Login section.

How do I collect points?

As a member of myVLM program you can earn points from your first transaction as follows:

  1. 1 Point for every €1 transaction in the following brands: Marks & Spencer Nicosia, Celio, Etam, Undiz, Sfera and Accessorize.
  2. 2 Points for every €1 transaction at Café la Mode restaurants.

Is there any cost for the card?

“myVLM” card is digital and completely free of charge.

Can I have more than one myVLM cards?

Every member is unique and enjoys unique benefits. That’s why you cannot have more than one myVLM card. The card is individual and is connected to the mobile number you declare during your registration.

Can I transfer my card to another person?

myVLM card is personal and cannot be transferred in any way to another person.

If we make a purchase as a group, how are the points credited?

myVLM card is individual. Consequently, points are credited only to the cardowner during a purchase.

Do I need to present my card number to earn points?

If it’s convenient for you to present your myVLM card, either by SMS or digitally on your mobile app, you can present it to the cashier and collect points from your transaction. You can also be identified with your mobile number.
Furthermore, you can earn points without any transaction, simply via the promotional actions of the program.

How can I redeem the points I have earned?

Once you have reached the following redemption levels, you may redeem your points in the following ways:

  • At 375 points you win the Bonus Pack*, a total value of 20€, which includes 4 bonus vouchers of 5€ each (4 vouchers) for Marks & Spencer Nicosia, Celio, Accessorize and Café la Mode.
  • At 750 Bonus Points you win the second Bonus Pack*, a total value of 50€, which is automatically redeemed by the cash system on your next purchase, and includes 5 bonus vouchers of 10€ each (Marks & Spencer Nicosia, Celio, Accessorize, Café la Mode & 1 open voucher for any of the participating brands).

After the redemption of your Bonus Packs, the points belonging to each Bonus Pack are removed from your point balance.

Points can only be redeemed after your registration is completed.

Where can I access the Bonus Pack?

The Bonus Pack section is available on your account at and also on your myVLM mobile application, under REWARDS section.

Is it possible to cancel my point redemption after I have already redeemed my points?

Points can not be cancelled or returned after the point redemption has been made.

How can I use the Bonus Packs I’ve earned?

Both Bonus Packs are valid up to 6 months, from the redemption date and you can redeem each voucher (of €5 or €10) in one transaction of equal or greater value to the brands written on each voucher.

If I make a purchase with a bonus voucher but I decided to return it, can I get my bonus voucher back?

If an item was purchased with the redemption of a bonus voucher, you cannot get the voucher back. Instead you can apply for a credit note, which is issued in the original value of the item purchased and applies only to one transaction, in the same store, on the credit note’s validity period.

Do points have an expiry date?

The points expire 18 months after the date they were created.

Do bonus vouchers have an expiry date?

Bonus Vouchers contained in the Bonus Packs expire 6 months after the date of issue.

Where can I get information for my point balance?

You can find information about your point balance in the following ways:

  • Through the website under the “MYVLM” section (sign in with your mobile number and the code you received via SMS during your registration)
  • From your mobile phone device to myVLM app (sign in as mentioned above)
  • Calling Customer Service at 80077070 (local charge)

If my contact details have been changed, what should I do to update them?

You may update your contact information in one of the following ways:

  • In the microsite , under the section “Profile”
  • By calling the Customer Service, 80077070 (local charge, Monday – Friday 09:00 to 17:00)
  • Via email at

If I no longer wish to be a member, how do I cancel my membership?

If you do not wish to be a member of “myVLM” program anymore or you wish to know how we utilise your personal data, you can contact our Customer Service, through the myVLM contact form or via email at