Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the participation and the operation of the “MY VLM” loyalty program (the “Program”) of the VOICI LA MODE Group of Companies (the “Group” or “VOICI LA MODE Group”). The Program is operated by the company Voici La Mode Ltd (“VLM”) on behalf of the Group.

VLM is a Cypriot Limited Liability Company with registration number HE 2146. VLM’s registered offices are situated at 90 Leoforos Akropoleos, Strovolos, 2012 Nicosia, Cyprus.

The stores operated by the VOICI LA MODE Group and which are included in the Program are M&S (Nicosia), Celio, Accessorize, Sfera, Etam, Undiz in Cyprus and the Café la Mode chain of restaurants-cafes.

The purpose of the Program is to reward the customers of the VOICI LA MODE Group who choose the Group’s stores for their own and their family’s shopping or for their entertainment.

Every person applying for or participating in the Program must carefully read these terms. By applying to join the Program, the applicant is deemed to have read and accepted these terms.



  • Right to register:
    Any natural person over the age of 18 may be registered as a member to the MY VLM Reward Program (the “Member”).
  • Registration:
    The registration to the Program and the activation of the MY VLM  Account given to each Member (the “Account”) can be done at specific spots in the Group’s stores (tablets), online at ( or through the mobile app. During the registration process, the Member can only activate their  Account through their mobile phone after receiving a special code via SMS. Every person applying to join the Program as a Member responsibly declares that the personal details he provides are accurate and true. VLM will not carry out identification controls during the submission of the application.
  • The Account:
    The  Account is strictly personal and, as such, it is forbidden to transfer it to another person, while the points and other rewards earned by a Member cannot be transferred to another Member’s Account. The Member cannot make monetary transactions with the Digital Card, but may only enjoy the benefits made available and announced by VLM. In order to earn or redeem points, a Member must state their phone or Digital Card number at the cash desk.
  • Registration to the Online Store:
    Besides the above, registration to the Programme will be made automatically upon creating an account at the online store operated by the VLM Group (, without any further steps from you. Once you create an account at the online store, you can use those credentials to login to the myVLM Mobile App or at Account and the Program are only available at the VOICI LA MODE Group stores in Cyprus.

  • Change of Details:
    Every Member must inform VLM of any change in the personal details provided during their registration to the Program, either by phone at 80077070, online at ( or by submitting a relevant request via e-mail to Until such change is notified, any communication made using the former contact details shall be deemed valid.
  • Stores:
    By registering to the Program, the Member can receive offers and other rewards at all VOICI LA MODE Group’s stores in Cyprus, always in accordance with the terms of the Programme.
  • Products:
    VLM will select at its discretion and include particular products from time to time in the Program, and the Members’ Digital Card will be credited with points whenever these products are bought. Products included in the Program from time to time will be announced in the stores or online at (
  • Credit of Points on the Digital Card:
    When buying from stores of the VOICI LA MODE Group, the Member must state the phone number he provided for the Program or their Digital Card number at the cash desk.
  • Reward System:
    For each 1 Euro purchases of the particular products included in the Program, the Member will collect 1 point (1 Euro = 1 point) in relation to their purchases at M&S (Nicosia), Celio, Accessorize, Sfera, Etam, Undiz and Café la ModeThe Digital Card, the number of points and the rights derived from them cannot under any circumstances be redeemed with money.
  • Point Duration:
    If not redeemed, points awarded after each purchase will expire 18 months after the date of the purchase for which they were awarded. VLM will notify every Member on a regular basis, and three months before their expiration, of its valid points as well their expiration date via e-mail or via text (SMS/viber).


  • Redeeming Points – Gifts:
    When a Member collects 375 points, he is entitled to redeem them and obtain a Bonus Pack which includes 5 Branded Vouchers worth €5 each, a total value of €25, which may be redeemed in future purchases.When a Member collects 750 points, he is entitled to redeem them and obtain a Bonus Pack worth €50. The Bonus Pack includes 6 Branded Vouchers, 4 of which are worth of €10 each & 2 vouchers worth of €5 which may be redeemed in future purchases.

It is clarified that Branded Vouchers are vouchers for a particular brand and can only be redeemed with purchases from the stores of that brand.

Necessary condition for a Member to redeem his points, is the installation of MyVLM mobile app to his cell phone

  • Gift Collection:
    A Member who earns points entitling him to a VLM Bonus Pack will be notified by the store’s staff upon completion of the transaction following which he has gained this right. When the points are redeemed, the Member will have the Bonus Pack available on their account.The VLM Bonus Packs are available online in the Member’s account at ( and through the MY VLM mobile app.The Bonus Packs VLM shall also be sent to the Member via text (SMS), as long as the Member has given his consent.

    Once the Bonus Pack VLM is delivered, the respective points will be deducted from the Member’s total number of points.

  • Voucher Duration:
    Bonus Vouchers included in the VLM Bonus Packs are valid for 3 months after their issue date.
  • Redeeming a Voucher:
    To redeem a Bonus Voucher, the Member must display the Bonus Voucher in his Mobile App at the cash desk.Each voucher can be redeemed in a transaction of equal or greater value only at the store stated on the voucher. Each voucher is valid for only one transaction and only one voucher can be redeemed in each transaction.
  • Loss of Vouchers:
    In case they are lost, the Bonus Pack VLM or the vouchers included in it cannot be replaced.
  • Non-cancellable Redemption:
    Once the points are redeemed, the redemption cannot be cancelled and the points cannot be returned.
  • Product Return:
    In case a product is returned for a refund, and if points were awarded to a digital Card for the purchase of that product, the points corresponding to the value of the refund will be deducted from the total number of the Member’s redeemable points. If the returned product was purchased with a voucher, the voucher cannot be returned and a credit note will be issued for the initial price of the returned product.

  • Benefits Duration:
    The participation in the Program provides benefits to the Member for as long as the Program is available. VLM retains the right to set and change the duration of benefits at its own discretion and/or to terminate, without notice or reason, a Member’s membership in the Program or to forbid the Member from using their Account.
  • Amending or Terminating the Program:
    VLM has the absolute discretion and right to amend these terms and to generally change the Program and its structure, including the reward system, the method of calculating points and the reward, as well as to discontinue or terminate the Program at any time, without notice or reason.
  • Communication:
    A Member will be contacted by any appropriate means, at the contact details the Member has provided, by posting on or in the VOICI LA MODE Group stores.
  • Voluntary Service by VLM:
    Every Member acknowledges that the Program does not create any financial or other obligation to himself whatsoever and that it is being provided by the VOICI LA MODE Group voluntarily. Therefore, no Member may have any claim against VLM or any other company belonging to the VOICI LA MODE Group regarding the acquisition and use of the Account, the earning and redemption of points and generally the operation, amendment or termination of the Program.
  • Infringing the Program’s Terms – Deactivating the  Account:
    VLM retains the right to terminate any Member’s Account and to erase that Member from the Program in case these terms are infringed or if the Account is used dishonestly or that Member attempts to deceive with the use of their Account. In such case, all the points awarded to that Member will immediately be erased, all benefits will be lost, and VLM or any other member of the VOICI LA MODE Group will have the right to take legal measures for compensation for the damage it has suffered.In case the Account is not used for a period of more than 2 years, it will automatically be deactivated.

These Terms and generally the Program are governed by Cyprus Law. Cypriot Courts have exclusive jurisdiction to try every claim or dispute that arises from or in relation to the present terms or the Program.